Monday, August 24, 2009

"Godzilla" by Judah

"Why I named this Godzilla is that while I was watching a movie I was getting interested in how he looked like so I decided to make something that looked a lot different from it but somehow was the same as it was. So I thought it would be fun to see and that's how I got the idea to start this website. What you see took a couple hours to make. It took about 2 or 3 hours to make."

Judah has set the price at $4.

"Self Portrait" by Judah

"This picture that you're looking at is the artist that made this. He was thinking about making some art and wanting to know things about what he looks like. I don't really look like this and every design isn't the real background. It's not a picture and you don't really know about the identity of the person that makes this."

Judah has set the price at $5.

"Peace Around the World" by Judah

"Peace Around the World is a symbol of peace coming from everywhere in nature from the whole earth coming from north, east, south and west. This art might not look real. The blue lines around the tree is making the sky. You see those lines in the ground? Those are the roots coming from it, soaking up the water all around."

Judah has set the price at $5.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Beethoven" by Judah - SOLD

Judah on this picture:
"In Beethoven you see that man? He's Beethoven. You see how he's not sitting on a chair? It's because it would be easier to draw. It might remind you of a different art exactly like this one, but this one is a little different because the song might be a little different. Some notes are flying in the air just like a cartoon would do, but it's not really happening if you really saw it in real life."
Judah has set the price at $5. If anyone is interested, send it via paypal, he says.

"Colorful Star" by Judah - SOLD

"In Colorful Star, all the colors are mixed together. I just used these colorful markers and I drawed a line and you see in the middle all these colors make a special design and on the outside it's so bright because of all the stars mixing together, it's so powerful because of the middle. The closer it is to the middle, the more powerful it is."

Judah has set the price at $2.

"Maze" by Judah - SOLD

*This piece was bought by Joel who said "As a math geek, the tribute to Escher (by a local artist, even!) is to good to pass up, and at $10 it's not a bad deal either. It's a nice piece of art with a great story, and I love Judah's initiative."

"In Maze it might remind you of a different one that's more famouser, but there's only one door to exit because everything can go upside down and everything connects. See the left bottom corner? That's the start. You just have to go out and some have guards and some don't. You can't see them but they're right behind the wall next to the door. And one is in the middle which is the exit. All the rest aren't, just the one in the middle."

Judah has set the price at $10.

"Small Greens and Big Blues" - SOLD

"In Small Greens and Big Blues there's something really weird about this. It seems like the earth because of all those greens which is the world and the blue is the sea. There's lots of things in it like a cartoon but it's shaped like a fin and it's making this wavy design. The blues are like waves and the greens are like grass."

Judah has set the price at $2.

"Dawn by the Deck" by Judah

"In Dawn by the Deck it looks like a colorful tornado but it's nothing lifelike. It's not like a real tornado because this is like little swerves going thousands of miles per hour, going in these crazy ways. And imagine that it was right in front of your house happening. It would seem like it's not safe to go touch it, but it's safe to get near it."

Judah has set the price at $2.

"Purple Black and Red" - SOLD

Judah's verbatim statement about this drawing: "In Purple Black and Red you don't really see anything exciting. It's like a hidden game cause you need to try finding all the purples. I can see them, but it's harder for you. And you usually only see black and red in it."

Judah set the price at $5. If you want to buy it, email us.

"Colorful Erased" by Judah

Judah on this drawing:
"In 'Colorful Erased' you see that all the colorful designs are blocking each other and the most important thing about this drawing is all their wishes are in each circle. The bigger the wish is the bigger the circle is and the smaller the wish is, the smaller the circle is."

Judah has set the price at $5. If you're interested in buying it, email us.

Friday, July 24, 2009

judah's new blog

This is Judah's new blog for his art. We will start posting some tomorrow.