Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Maze" by Judah - SOLD

*This piece was bought by Joel who said "As a math geek, the tribute to Escher (by a local artist, even!) is to good to pass up, and at $10 it's not a bad deal either. It's a nice piece of art with a great story, and I love Judah's initiative."

"In Maze it might remind you of a different one that's more famouser, but there's only one door to exit because everything can go upside down and everything connects. See the left bottom corner? That's the start. You just have to go out and some have guards and some don't. You can't see them but they're right behind the wall next to the door. And one is in the middle which is the exit. All the rest aren't, just the one in the middle."

Judah has set the price at $10.

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